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    UPDATE November 11, 2019

    v1.8.0 has been pushed to production and the "General Command Library" is now available:

    An official announcement regarding the new features of v1.8.0 will be announced within the next few days.


    UPDATE November 10, 2019

    This update is delayed by one day. Site will be going down for maintenance on Monday, November 11th.


    UPDATE November 8, 2019

    PenTest.WS will be going down for maintenance this Sunday, November 10th, for an update to version 1.8

    Included in v1.8 is the General Command Library, a place to store all your frequently used, and not so frequently used, general purpose system commands.

    • System enumeration
    • Privilege Escalation
    • Shell Escapes
    • File transfer shortcuts
    • Powershell download cradles
    • Pivot tunnels

    Quickly filter by Operating System, user definable Category and Sub-Category values, or search for keywords.

    Coming soon!!


    Excellent idea, I think a lot of people keep their list of commands in a spreadsheet or word doc somewhere. Makes sense to have it with all of your other commands.

    I've added this to our ToDo list!

    Support @ PenTest.WS

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  • Neil

    Whilst the General Command Library is useful, it doesn't use IP/port variables which would make a lot more useful.

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  • darktheli

    I second your request

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  • Private

    I third this request. This is big time!

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